Sant'Andrea is a magnificent creek set in a very green coastline that offers breathtaking views. Emerald waters, thriving greenery and soft rocks alternated with patches of fine granite sand are the heritage of this island within an island. An oasis of peace, made even more unique by the ingenuity and the far-sightedness of the hotel and economic workers in the area. In fact Sant'Andrea is a fully equipped tourist centre, the feather in Marciana's cap. Its beauty is not at all diminished by the presence of tourist activities, which have managed to adapt themselves to the morphology of the environment and the landscape, valorized and exalted in its details. The cliff, easily accessible thanks to a series of paths cut into the rock, is a natural spectacle, which the swimmers do not renounce. Worked and smoothed by the sea and the elements, the granite offers all its splendour in extraordinary plays of forms that dive into a sea that seems to be painted with brushstrokes because it is so intense and varied in its colours. Punta del Cotoncello interrupts the soft succession of the rocks with a hanky-sized beach that has something incredible about it. Another world in the space of a few metres: the rocks give way to fine sand and the deep sea to a low sandy sea bed. This attractive picture is completed by a carpet of showy Hottentot's fig flowers, that reign over the hill above.

Giglio di mare su gorgonia bianca 
Fondale Capo Sant'Andrea
Giglio di mare su gorgonia bianca
(C)2002 Alessandro Gianń

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