Our rubber dinghies

"to visit the wonders of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park
with the new green engine 4 stroke Yamaha,
saving fuel and preserving the environment"


Sant'Andrea Rent offers its customers rubber dinghies homologated for 6-8 people, with  40-60 hp Yamaha engines.

You can save on fuel and respect the environment at the same time!

You can drive all the models without a nautical licence.

In the rental of our rubber dinghies we include:

equipment according to EEC rules (life-jackets, flares, extinguisher, floating buoy, anchor, 30 metres of rope, oar, boat-hook and pail) and a short lesson on how to drive the boat by the charterer.

Sant'Andrea Rent also offers its customers a hire service of deck chairs and beach umbrellas, canoes, sea kayak and pedal boats.

At the end of the season Sant'Andrea Rent offers the sale of second hand, semi-new rubber dinghies (still under guarantee) at unbeatable prices.

IMPORTANT: enjoy youselves, respect the sea as you would an old friend and .... never underestimate it.

Behaviour at sea


from the beaches, 300 metres (if there isn't an entry channel)
from the coast, 100 metres.


3 knots inside the port and in the channel.


of the divers' signal buoys.



the boat is handed over in perfect condition, full of fuel. In the case of noticing anything untoward, the charterer must be informed because any damage found at re-entry is to be paid by the customer.


are to be paid in full by the customer due to the fact that the boat is covered by an insurance
for navigation up to a mile (1,800 metres) from the coast.


in the case of the charterer having to salvage the boat owing to negligence by the customer, all the expenses will be charged to him: if the salvage is due to mechanical failure then the expenses are to be charged to the charterer. The customer is not entitled to any cash refund.

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email: info@santandrea-rent.it

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